1. My apologies to the group ahead of my shameless product plug. I do feel however it is completely relevant to the very excellent Lua Programming Language that this forum deals with day-to-day.

    Our company MobileApp Systems developed and has been selling an app on the App Store since October of last year called iLuaBox. In a nutshell, it provides a portable Lua development environment running right on the iPhone/iPod/iPad. You can edit, run, and save Lua scripts using standard libraries, along with extra libraries available as add-ins if needed. Performance is good, and is highly maintained. Just search for 'iLuaBox' in the App Store, or take a peek at www.mobileappsystems.com. For your convenience, below is a more full description. Thanks for reading and happy scripting lads!

    iLuaBox provides an intuitive environment to learn, write, and run scripts written in the Lua Programming Language. This is not a stripped down version of Lua, but rather a full-featured implementation that is optimized for iOS 4.2. iLuaBox is a universal application that runs on any iOS 4.2 compatible device.

    Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. It combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics. Lua has been used in many industrial applications, with an emphasis on embedded systems and games.


    • Full-featured Lua programming language
    • In App purchases of toolbox expansions
    • Built-in Lua reference manual
    • Basic library, coroutine library, string manipulation, and table manipulation
    • Mathematical functions, bitwise operations, debugging, sensors and more
    • Side-by-side text user interface for intuitive input and output
    • Load, edit, save and print input text
    • Save and print output text
    • Peer-to-peer messaging
    • TextExpander enabled


    iLua Toolbox (Built-In) The iLua Toolbox adds several utility functions for controlling iLuaBox core behavior such as screen mode, printing to the input screen, peer-to-peer messaging, and managing the device file directory.

    Socket Toolbox (In App Purchase) The Socket Toolbox adds a set of functions to iLuaBox that support SMTP (sending e-mail), HTTP (WWW access) and FTP (file upload and download) protocols, along with other commonly needed Internet functionality.

    SQL Toolbox (In App Purchase)

    The SQL Toolbox adds a set of functions to iLuaBox for creating, editing and managing databases using the Structured Query Language and the SQLite database engine.

    Vox Toolbox (In App Purchase)

    The Vox Toolbox adds a set of functions to iLuaBox for synthesizing and playing back speech from text input. Multiple voices can be defined with individual characteristics, and played simultaneously with position and volume control.