1. I just finished a Druid Raid Tranquility Monitor Addon since few weeks. But now, as Blizzard changed the difference between Feral and Healer Druids Tranquility CD, I have to change it (Druid Healer now have a 3min CD and Ferals as before 8mins).

    So now my Addon is outdated because I check only the class druid and give them all a 8min CD. To correct it my thoughts are to check if class is Druid and if yes if they are Healers or not (then set the Tranquility CD to 3mins - else 8mins).

    Any suggestions to check if the druid is healer or not in an easy way for my addon? I checked and 2 points in the Resto Talent Tree there is a talent with 2 points set to give a 5min CD (Malfurios Gift - http://www.wowhead.com/spell=92364/malfurions-gift).

    So my question is, what do you suggest to easily input this into my addon to check if healer or not? Thanks in advance.

    I don't have any suggestion to easily do it, but when the spell has been used you can detect how long there is left on the spell. Is there a reason that won't work?

    That would be a possibility I didn't think before. What I thought is I have to do something with GetPrimaryTalentTree or stuff like this.

    What API call is to get the Spell CD time?


    I'd recommend against talent scanning when the information is (hopefully) available in a better way: http://wowprogramming.com/docs/api/GetSpellCooldown

    If you do go down the talent route, there's no need to guess. You have no choice but to put 31 points into your first talent tree, so whichever is over 31 is the primary tree.


    it's me again - unfortunately I didn't find a correct way to differ between the skilled Healer Tranquility and the "normal" Tranquility Moon's and Ferals have. As I said the difference between both is that healer have a skilled (Talent Tree) 3 Minute CD and other 8 Minutes CD.

    I was trying to use GetSpellCooldown but wasn't successfully. As you said ealier, check Talent Tree to see where are 31 points set (thats your main skill tree).

    Any example you could give to check the skill tree where I get the info -> Healer (3 Mins CD) or not Healer - else Feral and Moon. (8 Mins CD).

    Would be really appreciate all of your inputs!!


    Try something like this?

     function PlayerTranqCooldown()
       local rankOne = IsSpellKnown(92363)
       local rankTwo = IsSpellKnown(92364)
       local maxcooldown = 8
       if rankTwo then
          maxcooldown = maxcooldown - 5
       elseif rankOne then
          maxcooldown = maxcooldown - 3
       return maxcooldown

    Thanks, know what you mean. The point is I add all druids that used Tranquility to a Saved Variables Database - after that I set timeleft (480 sec. - thats where the check for each druid have to be (Healer or not).

    Trying to reach you on IRC right now - guess it's best to show you what I have - everything is working besides the CD part.

    Looks like you aren't there - so I paste the link here (as you can see in line 216 I set the time (480 seconds). The addon is very simple so I guess you have no problem:

    I'm sorry, I don't have time to go through your addon. Without running an inspect on each of the druids in your raid (this is a pain in the butt) you just have to guess, or have the druids broadcast the information to you. Without inspecting there is no way to know if someone else has the talent, and without that information anything you do would always be a guess. If you are happy making the assumption that any resto druid has this talent, then that's trivial to do.

    Jim - thats totaly correct ... thats the problem to find out which druids are healers and which not in the raid setup. Thats what I do no is to check who's druid and set all to 480 seconds CD (since patch 4.1 they changed it for healer to skill a reduction within the talent tree) so my addon isn't correct anymore. Now it's up to me to find a way to check which druids are healers (because all healers skill the reduction of tranquility) to set them on a 3 Minute cd.

    Ahh I hate changes like that ^^

    Just use LibTalentQuery. It's a difficult thing to do easily =)

    Slightly off topic, but how well does LibTalentQuery fare when dealing with the inspection UI bug of talent specs making no sense (like Elemental Rogues), or items changing? I was thinking of using it with PowerAuras, since our inspection code is not only prone to those issues, it's still listening to INSPECT_TALENT_READY :p

    I don't know, I don't use it. Sorry =/

    No worries, I'll just give it a bash. What's the worst that could happen? :)