1. I am gonna take a shot here, but I am looking for an addon to do "Right Click Self Cast". Would this be an LUA or something else? There have been some in the past, but ever since Cat, there's been no update and I can't take it anymore.

    I'm not a programmer, that's the problem I guess. Anyone up for the challenge? I'll even pay. I don't want to have to press more than 1 button to heal myself in PVP. I just want to click the right mouse button and self cast any function that is self castable.

    Thanks, Steve

    Are you talking the default action buttons? If so, try this:

    /run MainMenuBarArtFrame:SetAttribute('*unit2', 'player')

    That does the main action bar, a similar technique can be used for the others. To change the script, mouse over an action button and run

    /dump GetMouseFocus():GetName()

    Then do the same SetAttribute above for that name instead of MainMenuBarArtFrame.