1. I've been trying to search for this again after ages. I don't know how/if it's possible for kgpanels to find out if a chatframe is faded or not (i understand its basically just 0% alpha) I have my panel parented to ChatFrame1 but yea, the panel is still 100% visible when the text fades out. If there is no way for a panel to fade with the text fading out, is there a way for the panel to just disappear when there's no text in the chatframe?

    sorry for the obfuscated jumble of words but i think i explained what im trying to do.

    I have no idea if kgpanels can do it, and I'm not sure how easy it would be to do at all. The 'text fading' part of chat frames is something that is fairly hidden from us players. What you'd likely have to do is enumerate the font strings in the scrolling message frame and see if they're all faded or hidden and then react accordingly.