1. Is there a delay (like sleep in other languages) within LUA. What I need is a delay to stop for few seconds and then go ahead again.

    Something like this - or do you know a better method in LUA?:

     function wait(seconds)
        local _start = os.time()
        local _end = _start+seconds
        while (_end ~= os.time()) do


    PS: Btw Jim - I get it done - thanks for the tip with the colors not working within chatframe - saved me alot of time and headache!!

    No, because any delay like that would freeze the entire WoW client for the duration of the 'delay'. You can use an OnUpdate timer to do something after a period of time.

    Thanks Jim - you are right. OnUpdate was what I was looking for. So let's get back to Chapter 19.

    Thanks for your quick support!! Really appreciate it.