1. Help, help me! I need to create FontString in lua, xml string maybe like this:

     <FontString name="TestText" inherits="GameFontNormal" justifyH="LEFT" nonspacewrap="true" maxLines="10" bytes="20">

    How to set maxlines and bytes in lua code? thank you!

    You want CreateFontString, but there is currently no way to set the maxLines or bytes attributes in Lua. Why must you absolutely do this in Lua?

    Thank you! I want write my ui by lua code only(no xml string) at first. I think i can't reach the goal now, some xml string is not support by lua ?...

    There are a small number of XML attributes that aren't supported in Lua.

    Thank you again, I'll use the fucking xml!!!

    Umm.. no need to be overly dramatic about it. Make a simple XML template and then use it.. like its designed to be.