1. I might be suffering from over complicating an addon, but I really enjoy complex projects. I wanted to create a sort of 2D "Fire effect" around a frame that would be animated (Flickering fire), and display under certain conditions. Think "heating up to full flames".

    I have seen addons like bejewled so I feel that somehow I should be able to create this illusion.

    The way I can think of doing this is quite resource intensive as in every X number of frame updates change the frame image to step 2

    Example of pseducode

     x = 0
     y = 5
     while updating
          if x == y then
               change frame to next
               y += 5
          if x = reset then
               y = 5
               x = 0

    Or is there a simpler way to do this? or maybe an addon out there that has animated 2d frames? Or maybe even using blizzards animation API?

    Thanks for the help everyone

    If you can find the Blizzard addon 'ShowMeTheMoney' it has an example of how this can be done.