1. Hi again... Need help with using Frames...

    I am trying to create a Frame that gives the user the ability to maintain/manage/update arrays in my AddOn. I figured I can do this by having a Combobox that lists the different "Arrays" available, then when the user selects an array to work with, a MultiLineEdit box below it would be populated with each array item per line.

    [Note: I am using "WoW UI Designer"]

    Ok, now that I descibed my idea... I dropped a Combobox onto my frame and sized it. Then I added (hardcoded) the array names as entries in the [Items] collection of the combobox. However, when I run the AddOn and display my frame, the combobox doesn't work. Its displayed on the form, but clicking the arrow to display it's contents does nothing, no dropdown. Am I missing something?

    I'm sorry, I can't really help you with WoW UI Designer. I suggest you use their forums to ask for assistance.