1. I'm trying to find a good way to get frames to be forced to show while i configure a oUF Tukz/Elv22 layout. Right now I can (poorly) get the boss frames, focus, target, tot, and pet frames to show. They come out a bit corrupted concerning buff icons fonts, but I expect that is because the below code does not allow for it. Anyway, my problem is, I cannot get my raid frames to show more than 1 frame if I'm lucky, let alone the 25/40 I want to show up. Arena frames refuse to show either.

    Can I get some help building a nice function that will allow me to do this, plus assume a default font for the frame? Here is what I have so far below, thanks!:

     SLASH_TEST1 = "/test"
     SlashCmdList["TEST"] = function()
         for _, frames in pairs({"iPlayer", "iTarget", "iTargetTarget", "iPet", "iFocus"}) do
             _G[frames].Hide = function() end
             _G[frames].unit = "player"
         for _, frames in pairs({"iArena"--[[, "iArenaUnitButton"]]}) do
             for i = 1, 5 do
                 _G[frames..i].Hide = function() end
                 _G[frames..i].unit = "player"
         for i = 1, 25 do
              _G["iRaidUnitButton"..i].Hide = function() end

    I can't really help you with something as special purpose as this. It would just require too much time on my part downloading and testing and writing code. If you have a specific question about how something can be accomplished then I can help you with that, but this is a bit too specific to a particular addon/setup for me to do much with it.

    You will likely have an issue with any unit frames that use the group header templates, as they have code that runs OnShow and you can't just force them to be shown. I have no idea if that applies in this situation.

    Hey no prob! Not really looking for someone else to do it for me, just tips like the one you gave! I have it working for the most part now by switching the order of some of the things inside the function. I can get 1 raid frame to show reliably now as well. I just find it off that it wont show the others when I know I have their frames properly named. Ill look into what you mentioned thanks.