1. Ok I recently downloaded the "wowuidesigner" and i was trying to use the tutorial for a frame and a done button to close it. When I log in the frame is there but the button isnt working I tried reseaching on the net with no luck, but until i have enough money to pick up a copy of the book i thought id ask here and hopefully get some help. here is the lua

     function TutFormEvent(arg1)
         if(event == "VARIABLES_LOADED") then
             local count,label;
             if(TutSavedVar == nil) then
                 TutSavedVar = {};
             count = TutSavedVar["count"];
             if(count == nill) then
                 count = 0;
             label = _G("Houligans'sFirstAddonForm".."CountLabel".."label");
             label:SetText("This form has been loaded "..count.." time(s)");
             TutSavedVar["count") = count + 1;

    i guess i fail at adding a code to this forum too haha my bad but you get my drift

    Not sure what you're trying to do. To add code you just highlight it and click the 'code' button.

    ok thanks this was my first time posting a code in a forum sorry!