1. Hi,

    I have an addon request for warlock's dark intent spell usage.

    There's quite a lot of math in order to find effecient person in group/raid to cast it on. Here's some info about it: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/813759-Mechanics-Dark-Intent-%284.0.6-2011-02-07%29%29

    I wonder is it possible to create an addon which would in essence go thru the group/raid composition and check who doesn't have dark intent buff already, and go through some table of priority to max out the effeciency of the buff (based on tables in above thread).

    Similarly the mage's focus magic could benefit to similar addon - or if addon could handle both of these buffs it'd be even better.


    You'll probably get a better response from somewhere like the http://wowinterface.com forums, but perhaps someone will pick this up.