1. I am extremely new to addon development. I just want to make sure I'm developing properly and in the proper environments. Now keep in mind, the extent of my addon thus far is purly graphical with some text.

    I have the typical addon framework set up with the .lua, .toc, and .xml, and the addon works (again, just some simple frames and and onload event). Currently, I'm using Visual Studio 2010 for my dev environment for the code. I have WoW minimized while I update the code. Once done updating and saving, I bring up WoW, /reload ui, then see the changes. Rinse, repeat.

    Is this the most efficient way to do this? I saw the plugin for VS, but from what I read it's very outdated and does not work, so I didn't bother trying it. Are there any other tools out there that I'm missing to make development easier? My method just seems a little cumbersome.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Most useful tool... a second monitor. True story, I use a modified text editor (recognizes code and color codes it) on one screen, and wow on the other. Saves a ton of time. Now if only I could get a third to put this website on I'd be in business.

    Alternatively you can use something like my WowLua addon to do development in WoW itself, for small bits of code and then copy/paste them out when they're ready.