1. After joining the first time, it's fine, but it seems like after a few times of reloading the UI, it eventually becomes the 1st channel,bumping all the other channels up one... which is annoying to fix - is there something I can do to prevent that?

    I know that players seem to join channels after loading into the world since you can see like "channel joined" etc, but the latest event that I could find was PLAYERENTERINGWORLD, and seems that's not late enough

    Thanks, Tally

    Register the addon immediately.. in the main chunk of your addon, not in an event. That's the absolute first time you can do it.

    But the problem is that it's happening too soon - I need the player to join their default channels before my addon tries to join a channel, that's why mine is appearing as the 1st channel (I think anyway).

    Oh. Then set an OnUpdate timer and run it after X seconds.. What you're trying to do is a bit of a pain in the butt.. there's no nice 'CLEAN' solution.