1. I'm trying to find out how to send text to the MessageFrame that wow uses for entering a new zone. UIErrorsFrame looks pretty close to me, but it's a little too high, and the font doesn't look quite the same.

    Am I understanding this wrong?

    Mouse over it with /framestack when you move between zones, it'll be listed there.

    Let me start off by saying, thanks for the /framestack. I'm sure I'll find some use for this. However, this time wasn't the time. I tried changing zones and hovering over it, but it only suggests that it's the UIParent / WorldFrame. I do see the UIErrorsFrame, but the zone text frame doesn't show up.

    Any other suggestions?

    Maybe it is the UI errors frame. At a first glance: http://wowprogramming.com/utils/xmlbrowser/live/FrameXML/ZoneText.lua seems like a good candidate!

    I ended up abandoning this idea, and just made my own frame instead. Here's what it looks like, thanks to a little help from a snippet I found on this site.

     TextFrame = CreateFrame("Frame");
     TextFrame:SetScript("OnUpdate", HS_TextFrame_OnUpdate)
     TextFrame.text = TextFrame:CreateFontString(nil, "BACKGROUND", "PVPInfoTextFont");
     TextFrame:SetPoint("CENTER", 0, 200);
     HS_TextFrameTime = 0;
     function HS_TextFrame_OnUpdate()
       if (HS_TextFrameTime < GetTime() - 3) then
         local alpha = TextFrame:GetAlpha();
         if (alpha ~= 0) then TextFrame:SetAlpha(alpha - .05); end
         if (aplha == 0) then TextFrame:Hide(); end
     function HS_TextMessage(message)
       HS_TextFrameTime = GetTime();

    Just call the HS_TextMessage whenever I want something in the middle of the screen. It holds for three seconds then fades out.