1. Is there a font I can use that will make all characters the same size? The only thing I've tried to do is say

    <NormalFont font="Courier New" />

    inside my button... not sure if that's even correct or not - I'm basically just trying to get a chart to line up (if button's not the right thing to use I'd be glad to know what else I could try, but for now all the data is actually printing quite nicely, just not lined up the way I'd like)

    I'm also already using stuff like %12.2f for formatting, but definitely doesn't achieve the desired result when characters aren't the same width =P

    Thanks, Tally

    You would need to get a monospaced font and use that. You can't just specify a type family like the way you would in HTML, you need to include a TrueTypeFont that provides the font and then reference it in the same way you do a texture.

    I suggest you take a look at my WowLua addon and see what I've done.. should make a bit more sense there.

    Thank you, figured it out from there =) Also found out that you have to use programmatic code to override anything you inherit instead of using XML...took a while to figure that one out after bashing my head against the figurative wall =P

    You SHOULD be able to use XML as well.. no reason that wouldn't work.