1. Hi everybody

    i've got a problem with my template :(

    I want to create a frame with an cooldownframe in it

        <Frame name="My_Frame_Template" hidden="true" virtual="true">
            <Size x="50" y="50"/>
                <Anchor point="CENTER"/>
                <Layer level="Background">
                    <Texture name="$parent_Icon" parentKey="icon" file="Interface\Icons\Spell_Shadow_PainAndSuffering"/>
                <Cooldown name="$parent_Cooldown" parentKey="cooldown" inherits="CooldownFrameTemplate" reverse="true" useParentLevel="true">               
                         <AbsDimension x="32" y="32"/>
                         <Anchor point="CENTER"/>

    When I create a frame based on this template I get a frame with a size of 50 and the cooldownframe has the same size.

    maybe you've got an idea

    thanks in advance Xers

    Don't make the inner cooldown virtual, that is very likely confusing things.

    that was one of my tries to solve my problem

    Well that's the first bit, the other is that I think cooldowns (if I recall from when I've done this) have size issues where they appear larger than they are supposed to be. Its as if the cooldown happens on the outside of the space you've specified.

    So try making it smaller and see if that works. Try something absurdly small (10x10) and see if its any closer to what you want, or even smaller at all.