1. I'm trying to add a keybind for my /click macro into the default UI, however, when I log in, I get this LUA error:

     Message: [string "Genie Work"]:1: '=' expected near 'LibDBIcon10_Genie'
     Time: 12/27/10 14:19:47
     Count: 1

    My .lua file is as follows:

     _G["BINDING_NAME_CLICK LibDBIcon10_Genie:LeftButton"] = "Genie Work"

    and my .xml is as follow:

         <Binding name="Genie Work">CLICK LibDBIcon10_Genie:LeftButton</Binding>

    but I can't figure out what's wrong. I've tried looking at other Bindings.xml files from other addons, but nothing seems to help.

    Help is much appreciated :)

    I don't understand the error, it doesn't list what file is the cause of the error, so I'm not sure how to help.