1. Is there a simple way in code to scale the quest collection (instant quest) window, including its text? I basically just want to scale it to twice it's size but without scaling the whole UI?

    I want to make this an option in my addon.


    Not sure what you mean by the instant quest window. You can scale anything, but that doesn't mean it'll be easy to have it sit in the right place and work as a part of the UI. Could you please provide more information?

    Well, the window that pops up from quest givers when they give you a quest. I want to be able to offer either larger text in the window, or better yet, a larger window with larger text.

    Would I somehow scale the whole window? Or would I have to cycle through the window's elements and scale them all, as well as change the actual font?

    Or is it as simple as changing a scale factor for the entire window and all its elements scale along with it? (I've been away from addon programming for months and can't remember a darn thing anymore!)

    I'm not sure where to start.

    Thanks Jim.

    You can scale the frame, and all children will automatically be scaled with it. But fonts don't scale well at all, and I believe that's a UIPanel window, which means changes to the size or scale won't quite work well within that system. Easiest way to do it is to get the name of the frame and do /run FrameName:SetScale(1.5) to get an idea of how it might function.



    The two windows I needed to scale were: GossipFrame and QuestFrame.

    Thanks again.