1. I had written this mod about 2 years ago and of course with all the changes it does not work anymore. Its a simple little program that I use to help me post glyphs on the auction house.

    The problem is when I am setting up the item for auction. As soon as I execute ClickAuctionSellItemButton(); I get an error from CalculateAuctionDeposit()

    The part that is driving me mad is that is I try and post the exact same item, but instead us using my mod, I just execute commands with /script, it works. I tried looking for the Blizzard_AuctionUI.lua file so I could see what is happening, but I don't seem to have up to date code from Blizzard.

    This is what swatter caught--

     Date: 2010-12-13 02:06:45
     ID: 4
     Error occured in: Global
     Count: 2
     Message: ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_AuctionUI\Blizzard_AuctionUI.lua line 1458:
        Usage: CalculateAuctionDeposit(runTime)
        [C]: ?
        [C]: CalculateAuctionDeposit()
        ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_AuctionUI\Blizzard_AuctionUI.lua:1458: UpdateDeposit()
        [C]: ClickAuctionSellItemButton()
        money\money.lua:341: AuctionScanUpdate()
        money\money.lua:435: Money_OnUpdate()
        [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1:
           [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1

    This isn't something that I'm familiar with off the top of my head. You can view the latest FrameXML code on https://github.com/tekkub/wow-ui-source/tree/live/FrameXML until I can get these updated.

    This may be a little late (18 months since you posted the problem), but I was having the same trouble.

    This is because as soon as you use the ClickAuctionSellItemButton() function to put the item from the tooltip into the Sell Item slot on the Auction screen, the NEWAUCTIONUPDATE event fires, which causes the Blizzard Auction code to calculate the deposit, but the blizzard code doesn't look for the duration of the auction. It expects this will have been done somewhere else.

    The Blizzard code call this function:

     function UpdateDeposit()
        MoneyFrame_Update("AuctionsDepositMoneyFrame", CalculateAuctionDeposit(AuctionFrameAuctions.duration));

    where AuctionFrameAuctions.duration is either 1,2 or 3, equalling either 12, 24 or 48 hours.

    To get around this, I placed: AuctionFrameAuctions.duration=3 just before the ClickAuctionSellItemButton() command, and everything works.

    Note : most documentation says the AuctionFrameAuctions.duration is 720,1440 or 2880, but I've found that 1,2 and 3 are the correct settings.