1. My Addon, "Noob report", tries to keep track of when you gain a level, and gives you an on-screen propmt IF you need to visit your class trainer to learn new spells. This helps new players remember to visit their class trainer.

    With the release of Cataclysm (and the patch that changed the world), character's no longer train in a steady pattern of every other level.

    The method I employed prior to the new release was to keep track of your level (odd or even) and just remind you to train upon gaining an even level. That is not accurate now.

    I think I need to use a combination of UNITLEVEL and SPELLSCHANGED but I have noticed that you can gain spells in your book without visiting your class trainer in some cases. So SPELLS_CHANGED is not fool proof either as an indicator to go visit your trainer.

    I was wondering first if there may be a new "event" that may have come out for Cataclysm related to leveling or your spell book (or a complete list of new events) that could help with this task. Otherwise, I would be interested to hear if anybody has an idea of how to accomplish this now.

    Thanks in advance for the thoughts and info.