1. Heya forum im new to Wowprogramming.com and fairly on my way into lua but still a little scratchy on getting arguments. So want i want to do is search the city my toon is in for mages at least level 80 then whisper them. I have most of the searching part but as for the whispering... I havent the slightest clue so bear with me.

    P.S. What i have for now is [code]SendWho('z-".."('playerlocation')".." c-"mage" 80-')[/code] any help at all thanked in advance ;D

    It's more complicated than that. First you need to send the who request, then wait for the event to fire indicating that results are available, and then you could go through and parse the results.

    If you have a specific question I can try to help you, but I don't have much time at the moment to work out specifically the code that you should be using.