1. Hello, i've got problem with creating my own slash command, or rather make it works.

    There is the code:

     SLASH_NRH1 = '/rh';
     local function handler(msg, editbox)
        if msg == 'show' then
            print:("Nuta Raid Helper shown")
        elseif msg == 'hide' then
            print:("Nuta Raid Helper shown")
            print("You did not type any command")
     SlashCmdList["NRH"] = handler;

    When i'm trying to type my commnad (/rh hide for example) it does nothing. But if i remove print function under show and hide commands it works fine. Any tips?

    You have a syntax error in your code. You have a : colon after print, which is not valid.

    lolz, i'm fkin blind, thx^^