1. Hello all, im new here and ive been reading around the net for about a week now trying to come up with some kind of addon for all the raiding rogues in wow. If your famaliar with our talent murderous intent you can skip this and go to the next paragraph but, if your not, then heres what it does. Murderous intent refunds energy when backstab is performed on a mob with 35% health or less.

    Now what im trying to do is come up with some kind of addon that can make switching from mutilate to backstab easier without pressing a different hotkey. i know that it would be very unlikely that a addon could swap the mutilate button for backstab so instead i was thinking a addon that when the targets health reached 35% or lower it could just swap whole action bars.

    That way you could set up action bars 1 and 2 to be identical except for the swap of backstab for mutilate.

    I would like to attempt to write this addon myself because being a rogue myself i would take a lot of pride in it. but im mainly just wondering if a addon like this is possible before i order the book and learn to write addons for wow.

    Thanks a bunch

    hey that is a good idea, i play a raiding rogue as well but i found the functionality in existing addons i use. One i use PowerAuras to set up a cool indicator for when the mob is at 35% health, 2 i use Bartender and it has conditional bar switches that you can program to do anything. i had this set up already and it works just fine. check how this link of my setup. I am actually trying a new UI in this link but the powerauras is what i want to show you. the bar switching is not turned on.


    notice the white HUD thingy that appears when the mob is below 37% health.. the reason i turned off the bar switching is because i am not always able to get behind the mob and it would become annoying when leveling in Cata.

    You cannot change action bars based on a condition like the mob being below a certain amount of health. This sort of behavior is explicitly disallowed by Blizzard so you're not going to see it anywhere. The best you can do is have a button that makes itself really obvious when the condition has been met, and you can click it or press a binding to switch action bars.

    Unfortunately switching action bars is a protected action and thus cannot be done in response to something like mob health. If you can't do it in a macro, it can't be done, is the general rule.