1. I was wondering if there were any suggestions on Libraries to assist with making my addon or if you would recommend not even using a library and just create everything from scratch.

    I am not sure if I want to use a library because I know that if my code is up to date, I have to depend on the libraries code to be up to date. But, with some of the items I am wanting to do, it would be easier with a library that does most of the "meat and potatoes" of the coding already.

    I only use them when I need them. If I need map coordinate data, I'll use Astrolabe. If I need my users to be able to switch profiles and change settings, then I'll use AceDB to ensure the database is easy to access and consistent. I don't have any arbitrary recommendations, it depends entirely on what you want to do. of course no libraries are ever truly NEEDED.

    On that note, where is Astrolabe found? I have tried Curse, WowInterface, WowAce, and CurseForge.

    Huh, a night's sleep, and I found it on Curse and CurseForge. Link to Astrolabe's API and everything!