1. Hello!

    Has site have export API functionality? I mean export API listening into txt file etc. Also is here Web API available?

    Best regards, Vladimir

    At the current time, no. Why do you want them?

    I write WOW addon project template for Visual Studio 2010.

    So i need API database for intelisense.

    This is already provided as a part of the WoW addon studio. If you can get me precise specifications of what you need, I would consider providing it for download on this site.

    Its how i see API database

    But format is not important i'll reformat it by myself. I need actual data. Don't want to write HTML parsers :(

    Sorry for my English :)

    I am not sure I can make that much data available. What you are asking for amount to about 600 pages in the World of Warcraft programming book. I would be happy to provide function signatures, but I am not sure if I can provide all of this data en-masse to you at this time.

    The API information you are requesting is copyright, per the terms and conditions of this website. Are you planning on redistributing this API file? Even if you were to use an HTML parser to get the information, which neither of us wants, you would be in violation of copyright if you intend to distribute as much data as appears in the sample file you have provided.

    I need more information, because what you are asking for is not a simple request.

    "Are you planning on redistributing this API file" - no only for internal use.

    Agree that all this information is copyrighted per the terms and conditions of this website so any commercial data use are excluded.I would provide this site advertisement and copiright terms.

    For the time being you may want to look at Wow Addon Studio, it has an API file that was generated from my data. I cannot provide you with the raw sources, and I just don't know when I will have a chance to do something like this.

    I'm sorry I can't be more useful right now, but I have quite a heavy workload at the moment that prevents me from spending time on something like this. I can probably give you function signatures fairly easily.. its just getting from that to your format that is the difficulty.

    Ok, Thanks.

    Anyway I don't need this functionality right now. I will write you again when alpha version is ready.

    I will review the materials you've recommended.

    Best regards, Vladimir