1. Hi Gang, I have terrible trouble with my left hand so Im trying to work out some bindings. I keep getting it wrong and Im starting to think it isn't possible. Hopefully you can shed some light on an answer.

    Here is what Im trying to do: On my mouse I have a side button on the left ("button4"). Im trying to make a bind so when I press button4 and press my left mouse button ("button1") my toon will strafeleft and turn (steer), then when I press button 4 and my right mouse button ("button3") my toon will straferight and turn (steer). My idea is that I can use this button4 as a virtual strafe modifier. and I can back off the keyboard and keep my movement isolated to the mouse.

    Inside of the .wtf file I see where I can bind one of those to my buttons, but Im not familiar enough with the api to know if Im allowed to bind a strafeleft and a turn together.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


    If you were going to do this, you would do it in the 'Key bindings' menu under the main menu. Press escape, then 'Key bindings' and there should be an entry for strafe left.