1. Prior to 4.0.1, you could use the "GetNumTalentPoints" API call to determine how many UNUSED points you have. Now that API call only return the total points a character has. Anyone know if there is an API call or option that allows to querey now for number of unused talent points?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Well, I answered my own question :) Here is what I figured out. I would be curious if anyone has another way to accomplish the feat.

    -- Get total number of talent points already used
        numTabs = GetNumTalentTabs()
        for t=1, numTabs do
            numTalents = GetNumTalents(t)
            for i=1, numTalents do
                _, _, _, _, currRank, _= GetTalentInfo(t,i)
                totalTalentPointsUsed = totalTalentPointsUsed + currRank
        totalTalentPoints = GetNumTalentPoints()
        unusedTalentPoints = totalTalentPoints - totalTalentPointsUsed