1. GetSpellName() seems is nil in new 4.0.1 patch, any idea? thanks

    found this thread


    now RegisterEvent() seems stopped working, I can't get any event to trigger :(

    RegisterEvent most definitely still works.. It's a frame method. Something else must be going on, and you haven't given me much information at all.

    As always, the API listings here, if not the documentation, will be up-to-date once the patch is fully live everywhere.

    it seems I have to move the OnEvent function definition above the RegisterEvent/SetScript for the event to get triggered, that wasn't the case before... anyway once I move the function to the beginning of .lua it seems to be working

    on a 2nd issue, does UnitAura() still work? I tried but it doesn't seem to return non nil name at all even if target has debuff, the code works before patch


    I don't know if it changed. I would check the patch notes, Iriel's notes and then the code if you have any questions. I'm not aware of any changes to that function, however.

    I called UnitAura to scan target dummy's buff/debuff, the only thing I got back is the "Banner of the Horde", even though the dummy has all kinds of debuff on it when dozens of player hitting it, did I miss something here?


    Works just fine for me:

    /dump UnitAura("target", 1, "HARMFUL")

    Shows the first debuff on the target.

    ok I called without the "harmful" filter thinking that will include both buff and debuff? and it worked before patch, it now seems changed if no filter then it's some other category?

    anyway thanks for the help

    also filter like "HARMFUL|HELPFUL" doesn't seem to work now

    So don't combine them. Alternatively, you can use UnitAura for positive auras, and UnitDebuff for debuffs.