1. I'm having a problem creating my hardware event handler that will allow me my Mod to buyout an auction. When I say hardware event handler I'm referring to the the fact that I can't automate the purchase without a click or keypress (as I've seen documented on the wiki).

    This happened to be the one thing I had a hard time finding documentation on when writing my mod, at least given my method of implementation. Any help would be appreciated.

    The result of the code below is that the buyoutItem() function is called and a confirmation is printed to the screen and my proprietary print message pops up, however the auction was not purchase from the AH.

     -- My Dialog handler
     StaticPopupDialogs["PURCHASE_ITEM_CONFIRM"] = {
         text = "%s",
         button1 = "Yes",
         button2 = "No",
         OnAccept = function() 
         timeout = 300,
         whileDead = false,
         hideOnEscape = true,
     -- My buyout function
     function buyoutItem()
         PlaceAuctionBid("type", GLOBAL_ITEM_CONFIRM[4], GLOBAL_ITEM_CONFIRM[3]);
         nahPrint('You have purchased said item');
         GLOBAL_ITEM_CONFIRM = {};
     -- And my call to the dialog call
     StaticPopup_Show("PURCHASE_ITEM_CONFIRM", itemToPurchase);

    What should be implemented to allow for the purchase of the item from the auction house upon mouse click? Would it be wise to implement a more robust solution? (Keep in mind I am using no libraries for this)

    I am not terribly familiar with how the auction house is consuming hardware events. It might be worth looking into how some of the other auction addons are doing this after the patch, since you should be able to apply the same technique.