1. I noticed that blizzard uses an onupdate to track when a rune is ready again. I assume this is to do the shine animation since the cooldown is stopped before it ever does the shine. Maybe they do it this way incase the rune ready event doesn't fire off in time due to net lag or something. There a better way of doing it?

    also is using runebutton_shinefadein() ok to use? I assume this plays the shine animation. Just want to make sure that function won't cause taint.


    Well decided to use an animation group to do a shine texture. Problem is it doesn't look white. Trying to do the shine animation that you see after a cooldown. The runeframe code blizzard has calls UIFrameFade() which can cause taint.

    I'm using "Interface\ComboFrame\ComboPoint". Which is the shine texture used for the runes. But can't figure out how to make setvertexcolor change that texture to white for the shine. Was hoping there was a built in way to play this animation. The animation plays with the animation group. It just doesn't look right.

    I found a different texture on how to do this. Doesn't quite look like the same shine animation but close.

    I'm not really sure of the answers to any of your questions. As for taint, the only way a function like that will cause taint when you call it is if the function is updating or storing data from your call path. Again, I'm not really sure where you've even talking code-wise, so it's pretty tough for me to say anything with confidence.

    I was going at this the wrong way. When a rune comes back from cooldown, the code was cancleing the cooldown right before it did it's flash animation. I think it will be fine if I just ignore the event that tells me rune is ready since the cooldown timer will show that anyway. So I think I spent a lot of time doing a shine texture animation for nothing. So I think I got it all worked out now.