1. Hi,

    I'm searching for a event that fires, when a raid- or group member died, without parsing the combatlog.

    Is there any possibility?

    Join a group, turn on /eventtrace and then have a party member die. See what events fire. Alternatively, you can look at the default party frames to see how they determine if the member has died.

    ok thank you.

    If I'm back from work I'll have a try and send a reply here.

    ok I've found a solution but still untested.

    I've took the "UNIT_HEALTH" event and check per GetRaidRosterInfo() the isdead Parameter. If the player is dead, I save the name in a table with all dead players. If he is revived I delete his name out of the table.

    I think this should work...


    You shouldn't have to check on every UNIT_HEALTH event, just those where the player's current health is <= 0, right?

    Yes thats right but I found no other Event ...

    That's fine, but you don't need to check it with every single UNIT_HEALTH events, just those when the health of the unit is negative. That' sit.