1. Hi there, been looking around but can't seem to find what I am looking for so gonna try my luck here.

    I have a very tiny addon that prints a text to the chat window whenever the Looking For Dungeon is ready but I can't seem to find what to call for the Battleground one. For the LFG one it's LFG_PROPOSAL_SHOW but what is it for battleground I wonder?

    Thanks a bunch in advance, Kanio.

    Use /eventtrace and see what event fires. There's no better way to do it =)

    Thanks for quick help!

    What I got out of it was only UPDATEBATTLEFIELDSTATUS which basically is whenever you join/leave a que but also when the Battleground Window pops up so seems there is no specific one for just the window :/

    Check the arguments?

    They shown in /eventtrace?

    Yep, click on the event.

    It says "1" :)

    I don't know, maybe you can use that to your advantage. I'm not terribly familiar with that system. If you're trying to do something when the window pops up, look at the code for the window and see what makes it pop up. If the default UI uses it, you can do it.