1. Hello, i'm working on my addon and i have probs with resizing function. I'm creating special texture for grabbing and setting script Frame:StartSizing() ondrag and ondrag Frame:Stopmovingorsizing and onload Frame:SetResizable(enable) but when i'm trying to resize it ingame it's not working? any clues?

    Have you set the frame to be resizable?


    my xml code: http://paste-it.net/public/h79cade/

    You don't register for drag events, which you need to do in order to enable the drag widget handlers. http://wowprogramming.com/docs/widgets/Frame/RegisterForDrag.

    so i added registerfordrag but still it's not working. i'm so retarded for this resize code XD


    maybe someone can wrtie exacly what should i change / change code and paste it? pretty please

    RightButton needs to be a string, not a value. You have RightButton which is a nil value, whereas you need "RightButton" which is a string.

    bah, i added "" but still not working

    Your XML code, being auto-generated is incredibly difficult to read. Making a frame resizable is a matter of the following:

    1. Enable frame resizing, i.e. resizable="true"
    2. Enable drag scripts on the frame, i.e. frame:RegisterForDrag("RightButton")
    3. Set an OnDragStart script: self:StartSizing()
    4. Set an OnDragStop script: self:StopMovingOrSizing()

    Perhaps you should try this with a simple example before you start dropping it in the middle a larger addon.

    well this addon is very simple^^ . i'm just adding some features. Gonna try your tips and reply soon.

    And i'm using wow uidesigner for this while [yes, i'm begginer]

    oki i fixed almost everything i wanted, but 1 thing remains, how to stick buttons to mainframe?(to make them resize with main frame)

    You'd need to use anchor points with relative anchor points, in short it's not very easy. You can manually adjust those positions as you resize.. but its a bit difficult to get it working right. This is why very few addons do this where the BUTTONS resize, they just maybe reflow themselves to appear different, but stay the same size.

    aha, oki thanks for replies a lot :)

    Well as a beginner, I recommend my book so you really understand what's going on. That's why I wrote it.