1. I have a SimpleHTML frame, I can set text in it (TestHTML:SetText("<html><body><p align=\"CENTER\">html text</p></body></html>");), but how I can get text from this frame?

    p.s. "TestHTML:GetText();" not working. I get error "attempt to call method 'GetText' (a nil value)".

    You don't. You're the one who set it so you should have access to it. If you absolutely need to track it from external sources, you can securehook the SetText method and track it yourself. Pseudocode:

     local frameText = ""
     hooksecurefunc(TestHTML, "SetText", function(self, txt) frameText = txt end)
     function TestHTML:GetText()
       return frameText

    Then you can call TestHTML:GetText(). As indicated on the widget page, the GetText method isn't defined for the SimpleHTML widget: http://wowprogramming.com/docs/widgets/SimpleHTML.

    it works perfectly. you really helped me greatly. very thanks x)