1. Hello,

    I am really battling to find a decent converter for the current version of WoW's BLP files. I have used a numbers of converters but none of them manage to preserve the transparency or they degrade the quality of the BLP file a heck of a lot. I figured that with all you clever developers here, someone should know of a way to convert the BLP files to PNG without having a black background in place of the alpha channel.

    Anyone?? You would be my hero!!


    You mean like the BLP converter utility page: http://wowprogramming.com/utils/blp2png or the artbrowser http://wowprogramming.com/utils/artbrowser which allows you to browse all of the art in PNG format.

    You're not going to get better than that, BLP is a lossy format designed to look good in a computer game like WoW, and the conversion is really simple. The conversion from BLP to PNG is lossless.

    blp2png just doesnt seem to work for all the blp files. they come out very bad quality. I will just download them off the art browser then. Thanks :)

    That script itself was used to convert all of the files. What file are you trying to convert that isn't working. Please email it to me or post it somewhere so we can try to sort it out.