1. Hey guys, First off wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful book. I have gotten the BagBuddy and CombatTracker up and running perfectly through the chapters. I want to change the functionality of BagBuddy just slightly so that only 1 of the filters can be active at a time. Is there a way in the OnClick event for the filter buttons, to determine which of the filter buttons was the one that fired the event? I thought that "self" was the answer but it simply returns a hex value (im assuming that this is the reference to the button, unfortunately it doesn't help me in this case).

    sorry about the edit, forgot to change the subject

    Ok, looking around in the book and going back a few chapters I was able to figure it out. It was actually quite simple once I went back and looked. If anyone else is curious as to how to do this let me know and I will tell ya what I found. Thanks again for the wonderful book guys

    Glad you were able to get it sorted!