1. Hi everybody

    it's me again :D

    I have a problem with an addon i want to create.

    I want to create a frame with a HybridScrollFrame just like the token frame in the charinfo

    this is what the token frame looks like token

    this is what i've got aurora

    and this is what i want to get (paint hehe) :/ wish

    here is my code

    lua: LUA Code

    xml XML Code

    I realy hope someone can help me with this

    Thanks in advance Xers

    your book is awesome :D

    You don't really ask a question, so I'm not quite sure what response you're looking for. The easiest way to do something like this is make a template for a 'row' that has either a 'header' or an 'information' row. Then you just display whatever you want to display.

    I just thought that someone already did something like the token frame and could give me an guide to create such good looking categories with subitems without writing a lot of new code because there are already templates and functions available.

    but I think I try something different.

    the ui of the auction house has the same menu structure which i want to create for my menu on the left.

    I will look throug the framexml browser

    The same principles apply regardless of what you use as a base. Let me know how it comes out!

    Okay i've just created a scroll frame and a button in my menu

    now im looking for the subcategories

    my be a little difficult because i want the sub categories to be loaded dynamical (a table with buttons)

    hmm I got stuck but I think I'm close to the solution for my problem.

    I dont know how they create the subcategories of the filter buttons in the Blizzard_AuctionUI