1. Is there any way to create a macro which sends a message to /raid if left clicked and /guild if right clicked?

    I've tried everything I can think of from using [button:1] and [button:2] with /say (which doesn't work because /say is not secure) to trying to use the same thought process with /run to all kinds of other experiments (which all lead to my message always going to /guild..my last used channel).

    I don't mind using a /run command in my macro, but I can't seem to find where in the book there is an easy way to tell if my macro button was left or right clicked. (If I can figure that out, I can simply do an if..then to switch the channel and use SendChatMessage to send the message to the right channel.)

    I need to do this in a macro and not an addon.

    (FYI: The macro will be used to send our Vent info to either /raid or /guild depending on how the user clicks the button.)

    Please help.


    You can use the API function GetMouseButtonClicked.