1. Ok I'm trying to make an addon announce when a Interupt has missed I tryed using SPELL_MISSED event but the problem I'm having the whole spell has to miss for it to read this.

    Take below spell the spell hits but the mob is immune to interrupt so SPELL_MISSED does not read it. Is there a way to check if interrupt failed not just the ability missing. What would be the best way to check this.


     function NuttyWarAnnounce:ShieldBashMissed(spellID, missType, dstName)
     local link = GetSpellLink(spellID)
                ms = "%s %s %s >>%s<<"
                message = format(ms, link,"Failed to interrupt:", dstName, missType)

    You can use the combat log to get this information. There's a good chapter that covers all of this material in the second edition of the book. You can also read more information about the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT event at Wowwiki