1. Hello I'm new in WoW Addon programming and I have a problem with READY_CHECK_CONFIRM Event.

    1. Problem: The Addon should call the function GetRemainBuffTime() if a player in Raid klicks on the confirm-button. But something seems to wrong with Event Arguments... the var "response" witch should return the status of the RaidMember (Ready or not) doesn't have any value and no error occurs.

    2. Problem: The var "id" with returns the ID of the RaidMember, returns something like "raid4" AND "group4". But I want only the "raid4" without the "group4". Is there any possibility?

    Here is the part of the code:

     function omega_frame.READY_CHECK(self,event,...)
        omega_out("ReadCheck starts")
     function omega_frame.READY_CHECK_CONFIRM(self,event,...)
        local id,response = ...
        if(response == 1) then
     function omega_frame.READY_CHECK_FINISHED(self,event,...)
        omega_out("ReadCheck ends")
     --> EventHandler
     endomega_frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
        self[event](self, ...)

    I hope someone can help me and sorry for my bad english.

    The issue is in your event dispatch. You're not passing the event to your handlers, but you're expecting it, so your arguments are all off by one. The event argument is what contains id, and the id argument is what contains response as a result of this. I'd sort that out before anything else.

    I tried:

     omega_frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
        self[event](self, event, ...)

    but its still not working... I get the Event and the ID but no response...

    Just do, very simply:

     /run local f = CreateFrame("Frame"); f:RegisterEvent("READY_CHECK_CONFIRM"); f:SetScript("OnEvent", print)

    And what do you see when you get that event?

     table: 29CAD380 READY_CHECK_CONFIRM raid8 true

    Ok it seems that it returns true and false -.-

    If you can confirm that it returns false, I'll update the documentation.

    Yes I can confirm.


    And many thanks !!

    My Addon is now working =)