1. Ok, so I've been dreaming up a really cool application for use with WoW but unfortunately don't think it is possible to implement. In order for it to work as desired I would need real-time information from certain in game events and potentially a way to communicate information back to WoW, all without the need to reload the UI. So far I haven't found any documentation on doing anything like this and the best I can find is to save in game variables to disk during logout. I've seen add ons that have the ability to import or load data while in game but am pretty sure this also calls for a refresh of the UI. Since my application would need real-time information to function properly, this just won't work. In case your asking yourself why I could possibly need real time information in the first place, I would like to reassure you that I'm not trying to create a bot or anything which would go against the Terms of Use Agreement. In actuality, I'm trying to create an application which I believe would be extremely helpful to anyone who uses it and potentially something Blizzard would want to adopt themselves at a later point in time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    What you want to do cannot be accomplished, specifically as a limitation of the World of Warcraft addon system.