1. I keep my Minimap at half alpha with Minimap:SetAlpha(0.5)

    I use the following for full alpha on mouseover, then back to half alpha on mouseout (works great):

     Minimap:SetScript("OnEnter", function() Minimap:SetAlpha(1) end)
     Minimap:SetScript("OnLeave", function() Minimap:SetAlpha(0.5) end)

    I'm unsuccessfully trying to accomplish the same thing for the text in chat frame #1. I can achieve initial semi-transparency using _G["ChatFrame"..1]:SetAlpha(0.5)

    but fail to achieve the desired results using:

     _G["ChatFrame"..1:SetScript("OnEnter", function() _G["ChatFrame"..1:SetAlpha(1) end)
     _G["ChatFrame"..1:SetScript("OnLeave", function() _G["ChatFrame"..1:SetAlpha(0.5) end)

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Are your OnEnter/OnLeave scripts ever being called? That's the first thing to check.

    I don't see a close ] on the global environment call.

    Shouldn't _G["ChatFrame"..1: be _G["ChatFrame"..1]:?

    For that matter, it looks like it's missing in the second global environment call (the one inside the function) as well.