1. Hi, i am a newbie developer. I am learning to to scrip, and learning he show me the money add on. I did the add on for welcome world or something and it went well. I looked at the show me the money scripting, and pasted the add on to my add-ons but i get errors in wow. Is there anyone who can help me solve the problem, as well as implement something(i don't want any animation that it does i just want same tool tip window to appear like in hello world just displaying the information the add on get and distributes.

    Actrually i am getting the tooltip message, but it say error moneyamount not sent

    You've provided no real useful information that anyone could use to help you debug your situation. This is not the appropriate forum for learning about writing addons for World of Warcraft. That's why I wrote a book about the topic, and these forums are for support of the readers of that book.