1. This is going to sound so retarded, but is there an addon that might have any of the following features that I might be able to look at the code with? 1. Has a database of vocabulary words from another language. 2. Allows the user to choose different levels of vocabulary words. 3. Might open a window when leaving combat to pop up a window with a vocabulary question. 4. would have the ability to add different databases of words easily.

    Well, I think you might get my point. I would like to make a flashcard addon that helps me learn another language. If I spend so much time looking at my screen, maybe a few moments here and there might help me learn something...Lol. Any help or advice, or pointing in the right direction would be awesome!

    Thanks, Jack

    I've never seen anything like that, as it seems incredibly special purpose. I'm sure you'd find people are interested if you can get a basic 'flash card' addon going, even if its not specifically tailored to learning languages. Parents and students would like you as well, maybe they'd get a chance to do some studying in between progression wipes =)

    That's the idea, to have something to aid in learning while progressing/wiping. It is in my mind supposed to do what I want it to do, then the addon would progress to something more generic. Is there anything that you have seen that would be remotely similar that I could look at and try and engineer it to what I want it, or do you think this is something that needs to be written from scratch? Thanks, Jack

    You'd really just have to start writing it from scratch. The storing of the 'questions' and the 'solutions' won't be very difficult.. that's just a Lua table. You'll really only need one main frame with a few buttons so I don't actually think it would be terribly difficult.