1. I'm currently trying to create an AddOn that will take the coordinates of yourself and others in your raid that later will be displayed on top of a map as dots and that will animated to show where people were located over the duration of a battleground. I've gotten all of the coordinates of the raid for a whole battleground out and saved into a table and I've pieced together a map that is displayed in a frame that is 1003x668. Now I'm stuck on how to get the data that I've recorded for a battleground animated on top of the map that I have created accurately. Any ideas?

    I mean.. that's quite an open ended question. You could set up an animation group for each raid member, and then have control points for each coordinate space on the map. You could then set a duration for each 'step' and see how it works. Alternatively, you can use OnUpdate to manually place the dots on the map frame.