1. Hello,

    I am trying to write a small addon that will calculate some values for me, I started a days ago and have got some basic things working.

    A great thanks to the example on how to List everything missing from World Explorer btw ;)

    I am however, stuck on trying to print the value that is the number of deaths, if I use the ID of the value etc, the code stops working, no output, no error. I get the ID using the following reference: Reference: http://wowprogramming.com/docs/api/GetStatisticsCategoryList

    Thanks in advance for replies, this looks like a great forum :) Best Regards, TheFlyingCorpse

    Well we can use this to get the category ID for Deaths:

     for k,v in pairs(GetStatisticsCategoryList()) do print(v, GetCategoryInfo(v)) end

    From that we can see that Deaths is 122. Now we can get the statistics from that category using the following:

     for i = 1, GetCategoryNumAchievements(122) do print(GetAchievementInfo(122, i)) end

    There's only one statistic in that category. If you want to get into subcategories, you'll need to get a bit more complicated.

     catList = GetStatisticsCategoryList();
     for idx, catId in ipairs(catList) do
       local name, parent, flags = GetCategoryInfo(catId)
       local numStats, numCompleted = GetCategoryNumAchievements(catId)
       if catId == 122 then
         for idx = 1, numStats do
           print(GetAchievementInfo(122, idx))
       elseif parent == 122 then
         for idx = 1, numStats do
           print(GetAchievementInfo(catId, idx))

    Hope that helps!