1. Hey guys, I'm trying to work my first addon but run into a road block. I have the first edition of the book and am trying to get the second edition just don't have the spare cash right now. In my book for chapter 23 there is a picture of the dropdown menu found in the "Who List" panel where it lists the info to the left and the button is on the right with a little down arrow in it. The rest of the chapter goes on to show you how to make a dropdown menu like the one used when you right click a player frame and never mentions the one im trying to use again. My LUA or XML is not good enough to disect another addon to find this info, i've tried. When searching the web it sent me to another part of this site with a snippet that I can't make heads or tails of either. I'm guessing the snippet is from the second edition as it's not in my first. If i could get some help with this I would greatly appreciate it. Here is a link to the snippet I was talking about.

    What about the snippet doesn't make sense to you? Dropdown menus can be of either type, but you'll need to inherit from the correct template and initialise it in the right way. Let's work from the snippet, what don't you understand about it?

    I finally figured it out and I feel really stupid for not catching it. The rest of chapter 23 is done using both XML and LUA so when I came across that it didn't dawn on me that it is LUA code that made the whole thing. I got it working now, thanks though.

    No worries, hope it all works out for you! When in doubt a small 'snippet' like that will always be in Lua, so you don't have to make an addon fo rit.