1. I'm new to wow scripting and this kinda thing but not to programing So my question is this! How can I may a simple script that will cast fireball when Brain Freez is active I tought I check if cast time is 0. So i found the function for getting a spells cast time and one to cast the spell But i can't make the thing to work

    I figured it smth like this

    /script local cd ,,,,,,cd,_ = SpellInfo(id); if cd == 0 then castSpell(id);/fireball else castSpell(id);/frostbolt

    Can you plz give me a working example of this... And where must i writ this text..? can i write it in macro? like say:/macro.. and just type ti there... ? cuz when i doo and click the macro it just say the code :| A working example would really help

    Thank You!

    What you want can't be done. It's explicitly disallowed by Blizzard. The book covers this quite clearly in the 'What can an addon do' section.