1. Hi I am finding that GetNumQuestLogEntries() returns a zero for me on startup. Basically after the PLAYER_LOGIN event I call my initialization function which uses GetNumQuestLogEntries(). Both numEntries and numQuests are zero:

    numEntries, numQuests = GetNumQuestLogEntries()

    A little while later (maybe after QUESTLOGUPDATE?) the numbers are correct for my log entries. I have tried also changing my initialization function to be called after ADDON_LOADED and that did not help. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

    That's to be expected, you'll need to wait for QUEST_LOG_UPDATE before you can access that information. Is there a reason that doesn't work for you?

    It does work to call my initialization routines from QUESTLOGUPDATE. It just seemed to make more sense from a programming point of view to call my initialization functions from the PLAYER_LOGIN event. In any case that does work so I am happy.