1. I am not sure if anyone else is having this problem but when I run the game I get no errors about my TargetTextFrame Buff plugin not working, however, the buffs arent there. I have heroic presence on and that doesnt show. Any ideas =/

    Have you enabled Lua errors? There were some issues with TargetTextBuff caused by one of the patches so that may be your issue.

    Its turned on, and nothing. Its weird. Its not displaying any errors but the buffs do not work.

    Weird just started to show up. Here is the error

     method = "CreateBuff"
     index = 1
     icon = "Interface\Icons\INV_Helmet_21"
     count = 0
     duration = nil
     timeLeft = nil
     debuffType = 0
     anchorBuff = <unnamed> 
     *temporary) = "attempt to index field 'icon' (a nil value)"

    It says it knows what icon to have, but for some reason just cant display it. I cant find anything on the 'icon' either.

    This doesn't include a line number or any other relevant information. I'm personally not terribly familiar with TargetText and that author apparently no longer provides any support. Is your code complete and does it match the code that is available to download from this site? If so, I'll do my best to get an updated version put together that might be able to help fix some of these problems.